S.O.G. Book No. 1: Final Cover Art Revealed


It’s my pleasure to release the final cover for my first book in the S.O.G. series, Esprit de Corps. For those who may have missed the earlier announcements, I’ve been working on this book for some time and might otherwise have finished, but I got quite busy with finding work and moving to Florida. I’m also wrapping up a work-for-hire gig.

So if you missed any of my earlier posts and you’re just tuning in, or you were wondering the status of the series, I’ve set the new release date for the first book as October 15.

Very soon, I’ll release a few sample chapters from the e-book you can download in a variety of formats and I might even do some signed ARC giveaways. There will definitely be at least one Goodreads giveaway (possibly more).

So here it is! The FINAL cover for Esprit de Corps, the first book of S.O.G.: Special Operations Group.



Finding Faith: Audiobook Goodness!

The unabridged audio version of Finding Faith has been out more than a month now. In the first couple days of its release it sold quite a number of copies, which came as really no surprise to me. The production (narrated by Carolyn Nicely with sound and audio production by Daniel Hunter) is as good as any other professional production. Better yet, you can enjoy nearly eight hours of great entertainment for just $20 (or FREE if you sign up for an Audible membership).

You can also get the book at, and on iTunes. I recommend it if you really enjoy audiobook productions. And I’d love to hear what you think when you’ve listened to it, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought!

$4.99 for all Köehler Books

Finding Faith Audio, 5-Buck Book Month and More!

I’m very pleased to announce that just a couple of days ago, the audio book for Finding Faith made its international debut! You can get the book from Audible, Amazon or through Apple’s iTunes! The book was performed by Carolyn Nicely, with audio mixing and production by her partner Daniel Hunter. You can learn more about them at their website.

In other news, my publisher Köehler Books has put everyone of their digital titles on sale for $4.99 beginning June 1 and available at that price for the entire month. That means that yes, Finding Faith is also available in digital book format for that price. So if you’ve been waiting for the e-book price to drop, now’s the time to buy!

Lastly, I’ve been a bit incommunicado I know and I must apologize to my readers ahead of time. However, I’ve been busy completing some contract work for one of my publishers, as well as preparing to move. Yes! Due to family health reasons my family and I are relocating to the state of tropical sunshine and oranges. Florida, here we come! So I’ll be out of touch for about a month or so while I get relocated and settled.

So for now, I bid you farewell, happy reading, and to all you great dads out there (including mine—love you, Pops!), have a wonderful Fathers Day!

He’s Back: Mr. William Fieldhouse

I first met Bill Fieldhouse in 1983. But I don’t mean to say we met in the conventional sense. No, this was a different kind of meeting. It was a meeting of storyteller and reader: it was called Phoenix Force #4: Tigers of Justice. Like so many other authors in Don Pendleton’s The Executioner and related series, Bill was just another faceless (and nameless) writer of books I adored. His books gave this young, lost kid a sense of direction. It taught me the values of any American male—that I had an innate duty to fight against evil in the name of truth and justice. I learned from these books that right was right, and nurtured within my soul the moral compass God had placed there since the day of my birth.

But like those other authors (Steve Mertz, Mike Newton, Don Pendleton, Donald Hamilton, Richard Prather, Warren Murphy, Chet Cunningham, and Len Levinson) I also gained such a love for action-adventure fiction that I would one day sit down and begin to emulate what I’d learned. Then it happened! I published one book, and then two, and then all of the sudden I was writing somewhere on average of three books a year, and I was getting paid decent money to do it. And all that time I was learning my craft.

It would be five years after my first book was published that I’d head out to my very first Bouchercon. The year was 2003, the city was Las Vegas. It was on a cool evening in the hotel where the Con was being held that I would meet many of those guys, not only my contemporaries like Tim Tresslar but my predecessors. Roll call: Michael Newton, Bill Fieldhouse, Stephen Mertz and Warren Murphy. That’s right. These were the guys I’d grown up reading and now here I stood for a photo lineup with them (followed by copious food and drink), fortunate to be counted one of them! I also came back with a suitcase full of signed books. And for an added bonus: I shared a plane seat next to David Morrell for the ride home. Today, I still count every one of these guys as my friends. Brothers-in-arms of a sort as we ply our trade, sweat the creative juices and pump out tough, gritty, blood-and-guts adventures about men with myriad deadly monikers and a virtually endless supply of ammunition. All to entertain our readers who just can’t seem to get enough!

So you can imagine my elation when good ol’ Stephen Mertz drops me a line and tells me Bill Fieldhouse is finally back in the game! It will begin with the publication of three of his gritty western books in the Klaw series, but very soon I understand he’ll be publishing an original mystery novel set in Las Vegas. Ah… our alma mater, as it were! So buckle up, my friends, because if you’ve never read a Bill Fieldhouse work well… get it in gear! There’s a master storyteller returning to our ranks. My sixth sense tells me it’s going to be just like he never really left!

S.O.G. – Special Operations Group

Delta Force. Special Forces. Navy SEALs. Army Rangers. USAF SOC Combat Control Teams. These are the primary special warfare operations groups of the U.S. Armed Forces. They are the elite of the elite. The best at what they do. But when terror strikes American streets, another special kind of warfare unit is needed: S.O.G. (Special Operations Group)—four of the toughest, savviest urban commandos ever assembled. They’re on a page that isn’t even in the book.


S.O.G. #1: Esprit de Corps

When trouble break’s out on America’s streets, there’s only one answer…

When a Central American drug gang kills a group of innocent, black teens and wreaks havoc on a senior citizen center, it’s time for S.O.G. to exact retribution.

Led by Major Tom McKnight, a fearless and resourceful veteran of the famed 75th Army Ranger Battalion, S.O.G. will doggedly track the savage terrorist gang from the streets of L.A. to the jungles of El Salvador.

And no matter what, this hard core unit of fighters will maintain their esprit de corps, and win through to absolute victory…